Exhibitions at Mamilla Hotel

Exhibitions at Mamilla Hotel
Exhibitions at Mamilla Hotel
Exhibitions at Mamilla Hotel
Exhibitions at Mamilla Hotel
Exhibitions at Mamilla Hotel
Exhibitions at Mamilla Hotel
Mamilla Hotel is proud to be a cultural platform for promising Israeli artists from various fields. A wide range of original works are presented and harmonized with the design of the hotel, which is modern but has an affinity to the historic past and hypnotic beauty of Jerusalem.
Design Curator: Yael Amir-Sternberg, an interior designer and architect, is a graduate of the Seattle-Washington Center of Art. Yael is the Design Director of the Mamilla Hotel, responsible for all the hotel design layout and look throughout the years festivities. Her great deal of talent and artisic taste for the hotels revolving exhibitions create an interesting artistic mix in the hotel foyer showcases, where every corner is a design mosaic.
"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"-Pablo Picasso
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All of the photos that have been selected to the "I USUALLY WEAR BLACK" exhibition are characterised by bold colors and display variety of objects in a random and unreasonable combination just as their artistic consciousness is influenced by accuracy of the Renaissance art and the far-reaching imagination of surrealism, characterised by dual meanings and covert and overt clues.
They believe that art should stimulate excitement, admiration, humor, empathy and to tell a story.
Like the Chinese fortune cookies with the arrogant saying that we wouldn't dare say it out loud, instead we find in them a wise and ancient sentence, the slice of birthday cake with too many candles-one for every wish or a routine morning that started with espresso and newspaper but ended with an unpleasant encounter with a spider.
in the real-life dimension, the photographers, Alon and Sivan Roshianu, like to assimilate into the crowd when they are usually dressed in black but think and create in high saturation.

 ROSHIANU&MOLOKO, Alon and Sivan Roshianu are Israeli based artistic photographers and a married couple in life.

Their joint journey began in 2009 as amateur camera holders with a great love for professional photography.

First, they both studied the profession at the Technion Institute of Science and later they continued to learn independently while posing challenges to themselves.

With a strong affection for aesthetics, precision and fashion, they combined their sources of inspiration together and translated it into their unique artistic language. 




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Exibit: Jerusalem Syndrome
Exibit: Jerusalem Syndrome
Exibit: Jerusalem Syndrome

Exibit: Jerusalem Syndrome

Artist: Molecular chef Alexander ‘zoonder’ Lachanish and the photographers Sivan and Alon Roshino

November-December 2019

Molecular chef Alexander ‘zoonder’ Lachanish and the photographers Sivan and Alon Roshino invite you to a gallery talk following the joint exhibition of the three ‘Jerusalem Syndrome’.

In the three-piece art project, created especially for the 2017 OpenRestaurants Festival, they shatter our familiar perceptions, disassemble and rebuild images and sail as far as possible on the waves of imagination. Through surreal photographs and dishes from this world, the three create a “new” Jerusalem – funny, enticing, surprising and far removed from the conservative image and traditions that adhere to it.

This year, the exhibition is coming to the Mamila Hotel and the three will host a gallery talk. We will hear about their sources of inspiration – between the studio and the kitchen, the collaborative work and what between food and art. Join us for a meeting that will spark the imagination.

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Exhibit: Fresh Paint Art

Artist: Suly B. Wolff

August- September 2019


Suly has marked her creative work as being affected by her immigrant status, uprooted from one country (Brazil) to another (Israel).
As a multi-disciplinary artist, she mainly paints and creates objects and installations. The objects are built from readymade recycled material.


While trying to accommodate herself to a new place, a new language and a new culture, She found herself attracted by certain species of trees which seemed to be alien to this new landscape, mainly tropical palm trees and Eucalyptuses. These trees where imported from other places for different reasons: the palm trees were meant to decorate and enrich Israeli gardens, and the Bauhaus buildings that populate beautifully widely the city of Tel Aviv.


Alongside cultivated nature, Suly focuses on urbanism. Her works manifests a dual existence: from one hand they manifest reductive formal structures and colors and on the other hand the works have a conceptual statement that has to do with contemporary urban culture metaphors.
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Artist: Sarah.L. Singer


Sarah was born in Paris, France and was 20 years old when she opened her painting studio in Paris. In 1984, she experienced the awesome Nature in Africa, and begun her passion for photographing nature. She opened a gallery in the South of France, Nice in the 90’s and moved several times before her current residence, Jerusalem.  She's famed for capturing lush and mesmerizing photographs of landscapes and natural details, from the drooping contours of ancient rock formations, to the unexpected features of aquatic plants and flowers. She is a true visionary.

The exhibit Venezia is a tribute to the Jewish Ghetto of Venezia on the occasion of its 500th year celebration. She tells the story of the Jewish ghetto dating back to 1516, and its fascinating history of unity and fagility. Through her artistic work she has kept the Ghetto's memory alive!



Artist: Itzhak Davidovich

June- July 2019

The exhibition features spectacular photographer and artist Itzhak Davidovitch.

This is the fourth solo exhibition presented by the photographer. Davidovitvh gives tribute to the Shavuot holiday, also known as the holiday "of giving the Torah" as well as "festival of the harvest and water celebration," these names correspond with the wheel of life and its cyclical nature.

The body of works presented in the exhibition deals with sea water movement throughout the seasons.  In the his unique vision, Itzhak manages to capture nature in all its splendor, with strong and impressive coloring.

The relation to water clearly signifies Shavuot - the festival of water.

In a global context, the sea is the ultimate sign of hope and renewal according to Itzhak.

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Esther Bar
Exhibitions at Mamilla Hotel
Exhibitions at Mamilla Hotel

Exhibit: Esther Bar

Artist: Esther Bar

MARCH 2018

Esther Bar is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer and art therapist. A graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, as an industrial designer, her work spans from functional design to pure fine art, subtly combining the two. Born in England, Esther immigrated with her family to Israel in 1966. She grew up in Kibbutz Sasa. Since 1980 lives in Jerusalem, married and has 3 children. In 2002 graduated the David Yellin College of Education in Jerusalem as an Art Therapist and worked for six years with children at Hadassa Hospital, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem. Between 2011 and 2015 lived in Madrid, practicing a variety of disciplines including drawing, painting, sewing, ceramics and woodturning. During these four years Esther trained and collaborated with ceramist Paz de Pedro and wood turner and sculptor Toni Porto in Madrid. Recently having moved back to Jerusalem, Esther reopened her home studio, located in the german colony.

An artist, designer and woodturner. More than anything else, her work can be defined by the relationship she has with raw materials. Fascinated by the way matter uncovers itself, revealing its delicate curves and patterns, gradually shaped to become almost a living object with its own character and aesthetics.


Exhibit: About Face!

Artist: Ma'ayan


Beginning at the young age of 6 Ma'ayan was drawn to the beauty of oil painting. Encouraged by her father, she continued painting and explored the wonders of expressive artistry, uncovering the hidden emotion and feelings of the human expression. After studying in France, Ma'ayan found her passion in abstract painting, stripping away and uncovering the emotions of passion, loneliness and mystery behind the model...making the mundane experiential!

The exhibit ABOUTFACE! displays the use of many layers of paint and strong brush strokes, creating an experience of intriguing mystery behind the human face. Each painting transmits the spiritual experience and mystery within each person.  We welcome you to walk through this abstract spiritual journey.


Exhibit: Biblical Lands

Artist: Guy Achieli

MARCH 2018

Ilana is a Multidisciplinary artists who is connected to authentic crafts. She draws inspiration from her long-standing traditional work. Her works include glass vitrages, Brazilian embroidery and jewelry using bead embroidery techniques.

The works exhibited were handcrafted in various techniques.

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