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Sukkot at Alrov Hotels Jerusalem 2023

“Then His Sukkah was in Jerusalem, and His Dwelling in Zion” (Psalms 76)

Chag Sameach! This year, we are happy to host you in a range of specially designed sukkot, built facing the Old City Walls and inspired by different names of Jerusalem

Sukkot at Alrov Hotels Jerusalem – The David Citadel and Mamilla – an unforgettable family celebration. Hotel guests will enjoy a unique celebration in the luxurious sukkahs of the hotels, set against the breathtaking view of the Old City walls.

Five meticulously designed sukkahs will be spread around the hotels and rooftops, each inspired by a different aspect of Jerusalem’s charm and names.

Designer Chaya Aloni and dozens of staff members work hard on the construction of the Sukkots, who begin the construction and erection work about a month before the Sukkots. Each Sukka is designed in a different concept, with different colors, curtains, accessories and everything needed to create the special holiday atmosphere.
This holiday season, you are cordially invited to immerse yourself in an elegant and enchanting atmosphere, and collectively celebrate the captivating story of Jerusalem.

Center of the World | Tabur HaAretz

Mamilla Hotel | Happy Fish Restaurant

This location lies at the interface of a typical Jerusalem contrast – modern and lively Mamilla Avenue and the ancient Old City Walls, with their Jaffa Gate entrance. Jerusalem is the connecting, central link. The center of the world.

Indeed, one of the most famous early maps of Jerusalem is the Bűnting Map, drawn by a German pastor in the Middle Ages. It’s a figurative map, depicting the world as a clover leaf with the city of Jerusalem at its center.

Today, this map lies in the map collection of the National Library in Jerusalem, a romantic closure for a map created far away in Europe yet extolling the very city in which it’s preserved today.

Beautiful View | Yefe Nof

Mamilla Hotel | Rooftop Restaurant Sukkah

Yefe Nof is one of the names that expresses our yearning for the beauty of Jerusalem. In his poem of the same name, written during Spain’s Golden Age, Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi describes Jerusalem using precisely chosen concepts, including “Yefe Nof” – the beautiful landscape, wonder of the world, and “Mesos Teivel” – all citizens of the world rejoice in it.

There is no more fitting holiday for these sentiments than Sukkot – “And you shall rejoice on your holiday and be wholly joyful.” This sukkah invites guests to enjoy the stunning panoramic view of Jerusalem and to joyfully celebrate the holiday together.

City of David – Ir David

David Citadel Hotel | Veranda Restaurant

Facing the magnificent view of the Old City Walls, we invite you to close your eyes and imagine yourself on the terrace of King David’s royal palace in Jerusalem.

Not far from here lies the ancient City of David. One of the most fascinating archeological finds here is a beautiful column capital, also found in other cities in the ancient kingdom. Look at it carefully – it may look familiar to you from the 5-shekel coin. A proto-Aeolic capital is a column head clearly indicating the Palaces of the House of David.

Just lean back like royalty and enjoy your majestic feast in this glorious sukkah!

City of Gold – Ir Shel Zahav

David Citadel Hotel | Rooftop Sukkah

On the hotel roof, at the highest, most panoramic point, we invite you to look around and examine the unique merger between the Old City and its Walls and the tall new buildings of modern Jerusalem – a fascinating encounter of historical stories describing the Eternal City.

Now’s the time to breathe in the clear mountain air and connect to the holiday of Sukkot, one of the three pilgrim festivals upon which the people would meet up in one central point – Jerusalem – to celebrate together with overflowing joy.

At a moment like this, let us raise our eyes to the Old City Walls, enjoy the flickering of the lights, and remember the words of Naomi Shemer’s immortal song, “Jerusalem of Gold”: “If I forget thee O Jerusalem, all of which is gold.”

Paradise | Eden

David Citadel Hotel | Pool Sukkah

Judaism attributes a certain sanctity to plants and trees. We can see one example of this on the holiday of Sukkot. Amongst other things, Sukkot marks the completion of the agricultural harvesting cycle – “When you gather in the crop of the land, you shall celebrate God’s festival…”

In this sukkah, we have chosen to highlight the unique comparison in verses from the Book of Ezekiel found in the Dead Sea Scrolls: “Were you in Eden, the garden of God… upon the holy mountain of God,” in which the connection is made between the Divine Presence and the eternal cycle of trees in the Garden of Eden to the flora growing in the city of Jerusalem.

This sukkah invites guests to enjoy the mini-Paradise we’ve planted against the beautiful backdrop of the Old City of Jerusalem.