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From the Field to the Bar at Mamilla Hotel

The rain waters the earth, the farmers sow and plant, the fields blossom and our hearts are filled with joy.

We invite you to enjoy a multi-sensory Israeli experience to savor all the good the earth here has to offer, and to receive the special blessings of its fruits – the Seven Species particularly notable in the Land of Israel – wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives and dates.

From the vineyards and the fields, the wineries and the olive presses, we’ll serve you a cornucopia of tastes, fragrances and experiences – all nurtured and cultivated through hard work and a love of nature and flora: wine tastings, an olive oil workshop, our Chef’s menus created from the choicest local produce, a mixology workshop, spa treatments using natural oils and resources in our holistic Akasha complex, winery and Seven Species tours, and more!

Wine Tasting Workshop

From the Negev Desert to the Galilean hilltops, from the Judean Hills to the coast… our Winery boasts 140 types of the most prestigious, award-winning Israeli wines. Together, they tell the story of Israeli wine, a tale that began 4,000 years ago, and continues today with the local wine industry’s unprecedented international reputation, both in terms of quality and quantity.

The workshop includes: tasting three types of the finest wine (one white and two red), savory snacks, mineral water and explanations from our in-house sommelier.


The Wine Tasting Workshop will take place on:



The workshop is included in your hospitality package.

To reserve your spot, please register at the Concierge’s desk


Mixology Workshop

Mixology – the art of mixing and distilling drinks and creating cocktails. Kfir Bechar, Mixologist, gives you an overview of the world of cocktails and how they are prepared. He will teach you how to create a tasty, balanced cocktail using fruits and under his expert tutelage, you will mix fresh and dry fruits from the Seven Species – figs, dates, grapes, pomegranates, olives – and wheat and barley too – to create some classic cocktails.     Dates: 09.03 and 16.03      Time: 17:00-18:30     Place: Mirror Bar, Mamilla Hotel   The workshop is included in your hospitality package.   Please register in advance at the Concierge’s desk       02-5482244/02-5482145

Olive Oil Tasting Workshop

Over the last decade, Israeli olive oil has enjoyed a revival and takes pride of place in many kitchens.

How can we know if the oil we buy is good quality? What does “best extra-virgin” olive oil mean ?How can we preserve that quality once we’ve opened the bottle? What’s the difference between the different species of olives? Is it better to use sharp, bitter oil or choose a more refined taste?

In our fun workshop surrounded by smells and tastes, you’ll activate our sensory abilities and learn how to taste olive oil through smell and taste.

And maybe you’ll develop a personal preference for a specific species!

The workshop is expertly facilitated by Yael Ofer, food and tourism writer, who is also a tasting competition judge and a certified olive oil taster serving on professional olive-tasting panels.



Time: 17:00-19:00


Place: Mirror Bar

To reserve your spot, please register at the Concierge’s desk


Mamilla Hotel Shabbat Tours

Positioned between slivers of history and future hopes, between ancient and innovative, the luxury Mamilla Hotel is a mirror of the city of Jerusalem itself.

We invite you to discover the city’s secrets and hidden jewels through a range of guided tours from the hotel every Shabbat. “Abroad in Holy Jerusalem” – an awesome plethora of picturesque European buildings and a glimpse into the mysteries of the Armenian Quarter.

“The Great Love Stories of Jerusalem” – western Jerusalem is blessed with many romantic locations – involving France, the British Royal Family and Ethiopia, to name but a few – from biblical times until today.

Plus, architectural tours, local art tours, and much more.

Led by tour guide Oded Amitai, the tours leave the hotel every Saturday (Shabbat) from 11:00-13:00 and they are included in your hospitality package.


To reserve your spot, please register at the Concierge’s desk



From the Field to the Fork – In Israel's Tuscany and Provence, the Jerusalem Hills and the Judean Plains

Amidst the stunning landscapes of the Jerusalem Hills and the Judean Plain, we will visit some of the most extraordinary vineyards and wineries: in off-the-beaten-track monasteries, in the Monastery of the Silent Monks at Latrun, the Moni Winery and the winery in the Yad Hashmona village. In between tastings with breathtaking views, we’ll experience the agricultural work done here from biblical times and hear the story of the Seven Species.


Date: 10.3.23

Time: 11:00-14:00

The tour is included in your hospitality package.

Led by tour guide Oded Amitai 

Please register in advance at the Concierge’s desk


Medicinal Plants and Natural Treatments Workshop at Akasha

At our Akasha Spa, the fundamentals of Nature and Creation seamlessly bond to create a pleasurable, invigorating and refreshing holistic experience.

Plants and natural cures have been in medical use for thousands of years. In ancient times, this kind of knowledge was the secret of individuals and passed down from generation to generation. Nowadays, knowledge is available to all and even officially researched scientifically all over the globe.

The knowledge you’ll acquire in this workshop combines traditional medicine with modern scientific research.

How to reinforce the body’s natural protection mechanism by using medicinal plants, How to prepare plant-based accessories for your own home use (compressors, decoctions, alcoholic essences, medicinal oil, and more),How to use some of Israel’s medicinal plants, how to identify quality, effective and safe products in the stores, and to stay away from cheap imitations.

At the spa itself, you can enjoy a variety of treatments revolving around natural oils and a connection to the earth: Hammam treatments, water treatment in the Watsu pool and an extensive selection of pampering massages and spa treatments.

  The workshop is delivered by Erez Bendiger, personal trainer, Naturopath and CIH clinical herbalist   Lecturer at Reedman College in the field of modern herbal medicine   Director of the RESTART center for a healthy lifestyle      

Date: 21.03

Time: 18:00-19:00


To reserve your place in the workshop and to order treatments: [email protected]