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Freedom – Breathing Space at Mamilla Hotel

Freedom. A word that arouses and expresses so many positive meanings and ideas – physical, mental, external and internal.

Total freedom, calm and serenity are primary values in the luxury lifestyle Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem. Each detail and every element in the hotel connect to give you the perfect vacation, for body and soul.

In this spirit, we are offering you a series of special spring experiences under the freedom theme, including a new art exhibition – “Freedom – Breathing Space,” which addresses the concept of freedom from different perspectives and a variety of artistic techniques; winetasting evenings with some of the finest Israeli boutique wines and guest winemakers; yoga exercises with our best instructors in the luxury Akasha Spa; yoga on the Sun Deck on International Yoga Day, against the stunning backdrop of Jerusalem’s Old City Walls, customized tours of scenic Jerusalem alleys, and more.

"Freedom – Breathing Space" Art Exhibition

Exhibition Curator, Galit Zimbalist:
“Freedom is a common human dream during the days, weeks, months and years we work so hard. When we go on vacation, we want to relax our aching bodies and calm our tired souls. We want some breathing space, in which we can cut ourselves off from the daily grind in order to recharge our batteries.

Freedom can also be in our awareness, our thoughts and our mental state. For this kind of freedom, we don’t have to leave our homes or search for greener pastures. The aim is to create freedom anywhere that allows us some breathing space and creativity.This exhibition showcases art created with a variety of techniques, including classic photography, treated photography, painting and sculpture.

Participating artists: Michal Greenbaum, Mati Halili, Maayan, Neta Ganor, Ziv Ringer and Jane Luvitan.”

The exhibition will run from May through July, 2023.

Festive Opening Event:
Friday afternoon, 12:00, June 2, 2023.
Level R.

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The Freedom to Be Happy – Wonderful Wine Evenings in the Mirror Bar

In Mamilla Hotel’s bars and restaurants, we serve 140 different types of the most prestigious Israeli boutique wines from all over the country – from the Negev Desert to the Galilean Mountain ridges, from the Judean Hills to the coastal plain, proudly displaying one of the largest selections of kosher wines in Israel.

Together, the bottles tell the story of wine in the Land of Israel. A story that began 4,000 years ago, experienced challenges, changes and upheavals and is now enjoying an unprecedented Golden Age, in terms of both quality and quantity.

Throughout the spring and summer, Mamilla will celebrate this freedom of growth, tastes and abundance in a number of events:
  • Workshops and intimate wine-tastings every Thursday and Saturday night, hosted by leading winemakers from some of Israel’s top boutique wineries.
  • Come and savor these award-winning wines, hear the stories about the grapes, the earth in which they flourish and the people dedicated to cultivating the finest wines for you.
  • Boutique wines will be served in the hotel’s restaurants with the specials and spring menus.
Friday, May 26, at 20:30;
Saturday May 27, 21:00-23:00  

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The Freedom to Breathe: Yoga and Meditation on the Roof of the World

Freedom, spring and deep, relaxing breaths… over the balmy spring and summer months, the hotel’s luxury Akasha Spa will focus on Air, one of the four basic elements of Nature.

The Spa will host yoga and breathing workshops with some of our best instructors.

The highlight will be a sunset yoga session (starting at 18:00) on June 21, International Yoga Day, with ??? on the hotel’s rooftop Sun Deck, against the stunning backdrop of Jerusalem’s Old City Walls.

We invite you to participate in these yoga sessions and our other meditation and breathing workshops, all in intimate, soothing environments, and feel the calmness and serenity of our acclaimed Meditation Room.

Wear comfortable clothes.
Free of charge for hotel guests and Akasha members.

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The Freedom to Experience: New Walking Tours in Jerusalem

Connecting Spiritual and Material: Shavuot Tour of Nachlaot Neighborhood

With guide Oded Amitai The Shavuot holiday – Harvest Festival and the time of the Giving of the Torah – incorporates both material and spiritual celebration. In a fascinating and often surprising tour of the attractive Nachlaot neighborhood, we’ll become acquainted with some authentic synagogues and visit some ultra-Orthodox areas.

We’ll learn about the holiday from religious and spiritual personalities, like a Jerusalem mystic, who’ll tell us what the holiday signifies in kabbalistic circles and give us a blessing. And an ultra-Orthodox Rabbi who’ll regale us with Shavuot stories from other interesting perspectives.

Shabbat (Saturday) 11:00-13:00
Leave from the Lobby

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Mamilla Avenue – Then and Now

“From Past to Future” is a tour of what has always been a central, vibrant area of Jerusalem throughout history, on the border between the old and new cities.

With guide Oded Amitai

We’ll hear about and see the area from diverse architectural perspectives, because many great visionaries and architects have left their mark here, from biblical times till the present day – Herod the Great, Suleiman the Magnificent, Teddy Kollek, Moshe Safdie and Alfred Akirov, to name but a few.
We’ll examine the significance of its location on the stormy municipal border between 1948-1967 and meet some Jerusalemite characters who then were children and now are grandparents.

We’ll hear about the archeological digs and findings and the comprehensive restoration of the area, formerly a rundown neighborhood rife with crime and now polished into a world-renowned jewel in Jerusalem’s crown.
We’ll enjoy the art and the architecture of the Mamilla Hotel, visit its art exhibition and take in the stunning sculptures all along Mamilla Avenue.

Shabbat (Saturday) 11:00-13:00
Leave from the Lobby

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Greek Tuesdays at Happy Fish

Happy Fish Restaurant, located on a terrace overlooking Mamilla Avenue, opens the summer season with its famous Greek evenings. You’re invited to a subtly sensory festival of wonderful sounds and sumptuous tastes!

Every Tuesday evening, the restaurant hosts live Greek music and offers a range of delicious Mediterranean dishes and original Greek and Middle Eastern cocktails.

You’ll also find some popular and familiar dishes on the menu, like freshly-baked frena bread with appetizers, fish shawarma on tahini, and a range of fresh fish (St. Peter’s fish, argyrosomus, sea bass, etc.) alongside new Greek-style dishes such as ikura (salmon roe), bruschetta, grilled peppers, fish moussaka and more.

From June-September 2023

For details and reservations:
[email protected]