Over the past few months we have missed each and every one of you and as we prepare for the world to open up once more, we at Alrov Hotels have been working hard to ensure that when the time is right you feel safe in returning to our modern grand hotels.

In order to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our guests and employees, we have raised our standards even further in meeting the health and safety challenges presented by COVID-19. Click here to read ‘The Alrov Promise to Care’ including implemented changes at every step of the guest journey. We are committed to ensuring that you stay safe and well in all of our hotels. All standards will continue to be reviewed and re-evaluated regularly to ensure relevance and that they are based on the guidance of the Ministry of Health and local authorities.

Throughout the pandemic, we have been updating our booking & cancellation policies in order to offer you as much flexibility as possible. This continues and we kindly invite you to contact our reservations team should you have any questions or enquiries. We cannot wait to welcome you back into our lobbies, our guest rooms, our restaurants and our spas. More than ever, our teams are ready to capture your hearts and minds as you explore and re-engage with us in some of the world’s most vibrant destination. 

Until we meet again, please stay safe and healthy.


  • Wherever possible we encourage guests to connect with us through touchless and contactless mediums. Whether via a phone call, WhatsApp message or email, we are here for you before, during and after your stay
  • We will contact all guests three days prior to arrival to discuss all elements of your stay with us. 
  • Information will be shared digitally when feasible including invoices upon check out.
  • While face-to-face interactions may be more limited during your stay, we will remain as connected as ever.


  • Guests and employees at The Alrov Hotels will follow the social distancing protocols of 1.5m throughout all areas in the hotel. 
  • Certain areas will be marked with signage to promote social distancing. 
  • Elevators may only be used by one guestroom at the same time.
  • Our lobby lounge, restaurants and other public areas have been adjusted in order to promote social distancing.
  • In order to welcome groups, seating capacities in event rooms are adjusted to meet social distancing guidelines.


  • Our employees throughout the hotel may if they wish be wearing a face mask as part of their uniform. 
  • Other Personal protective equipment such as gloves, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are available for all of our employees.
  • Personal face masks and additional amenity items such as hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and gloves, will be offered to guests where available.
  • Staff that are in direct contact with guests or their belongings will wear a face mask and gloves which will be changed following each and every guest interaction.


  • To maintain a safe distance and minimize contact, physical barriers have been installed in certain areas of the hotel.
  • These include barriers such as transparent screens at desks so that when necessary our team can interact with guests in a safe manner. 


  • All of our employees follow strict rules for personal hygiene and have been trained to follow social distancing guidelines based on information from the Ministry of Health.
  • Alrov Hotels are the only luxury hotels in Israel operating a private laundry, focused on the highest standards of hygiene and quality.
  • All dining areas and kitchens were fitted to meet the COVID19 protocols, ensuring maximum safety to our guests and employees.
  • Our kitchen, serving and cleaning staff working within our dining outlets are going through routinely special training to meet the expected high standards of hygiene.
  • There are hand sanitizing stations placed throughout all high-traffic areas, public spaces and back-of house areas.


  • The cleaning of all guest rooms and public areas have been enhanced to adhere to Ministry of Health.
  • This includes more frequent and in-depth disinfecting of high-touch areas, while using the correct cleaning materials to neutralize the Covid-19 virus


  • We will do everything we can to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our guests and employees. We also know that we can rely on you, our guests to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and ask that when staying with us, you follow our guidance when in and around the hotel. 
  • We have raised our standards even further in meeting the health and safety challenges presented by COVID-19. Thank you in advance for your assistance in keeping us all safe during your visit with us.


  • All of our employees have followed training in order to secure a safe and clean visit for our guests.
  • This training is ongoing and consistently updated when needed to ensure a dedicated focus from our employees when looking after the health and safety of our guests.


  • The Alrov Hotels have implemented health screenings for all incoming guests and employees, which are mandatory by law. 
  • Prior to an arrival, we will contact our guests to ask about their wellbeing. 
  • Upon arrival, a mandatory health screening questionnaire will be executed prior to entering the building, this may include a temperature check.


  • Should a guest or employee show any concerns around their wellbeing or symptoms of COVID-19, the hotel will respond immediately by following all current public health guidelines.
  • Employees feeling sick must stay home, those exhibiting symptoms will be required to self-isolate. 


Prior to an arrival, we will contact our guests via email to
inform them about the new health and safety measures in
place at the hotel and to ask about their wellbeing. They will
be informed about parking possibilities, the arrival process,
how we handle luggage and if housekeeping service will be
required during their stay. We encourage guests to provide
the hotel with as much information as possible to reduce the
contact required upon arrival.
Guests arriving by car will be welcomed by our doormen
whilst observing social distancing guidelines. A designated
luggage porter wearing protective equipment is responsible
for assisting with luggage.
Alternative check out options are available and will be
discussed with each guest accordingly prior to departure.
Room keys can be dropped at the reception desk in a
special box or they can be left inside the guest room.
Digital invoices will be promoted.


The host of the restaurant will welcome guests and each
guest is requested to use hand sanitizer upon arrival. The
number of seats in the restaurants have been reduced to
maintain social distancing guidelines set by the Israel
Ministry of Health. In our restaurant we will have paper
menus available, which will be destroyed after each use.
The frequency of cleaning and disinfecting food and
beverage service areas (front-and back of house) has been


Guests will be requested to use hand sanitizer before
check-in. Hotel staff will ensure that social distancing is
carried out throughout the hotel. During the check-in
process, distancing materials are implemented in both the
reception and host department. Touching guest belongings
will be kept to a minimum. Guests are showed to their room
with the respect of the 1.5 metre distance. Guests are able
to take the elevator and a guide is available in the room to
understand the room facilities and technical instructions.
Guests will be informed on arrival about the main procedures
in the hotel and an information letter is provided for further
instructions on housekeeping services and other hotel
Inside every guest room a sealed hygiene-kit is available
including disposable masks, hand sanitizer and disinfecting
wipes for the guest(s) to use. Our staff members will only
access the guest room for cleaning, following the agreed
protocols and whilst the guest is not present in the room.


The in-room dining attendant follows the social distancing
guidelines at all times. With each order, disposal condiments
are used as much as possible.
After each use, the room service tray will be disinfected.


In the gym itself, staff will make sure equipment is cleaned
after every use. Hand sanitizer dispensers and disinfecting
wipes are available throughout the gym facility. The gym will
operate with time slots for its guests and members in order to
promote social distancing.
Guests are only able to visit Akasha with a pre-booked
reservation for a massage or other treatments. We will
coordinate the timeslots of all reservations in order to secure
social distancing in the changing rooms and relaxation area.
A confirmation call prior to the reservation is done to ensure
the wellbeing of the guests and to explain the procedure for
arrival. A mandatory health screening and questionnaire will
be executed prior to every treatment, which will include
temperature check. All therapists wear face masks and hand
gloves during the treatments. Prior to the start of every
treatment, the guest and therapist are both requested to
wash hands. Changing rooms and toilets will be cleaned after
every visit.
Hand sanitizer stations are located around the pool. Signage
is displayed to maintain social distancing. Lounge chairs
around the pool will be disinfected frequently.


The access to our reception and lounge area is limited to
our in house guests and guests with a reservation for the
restaurants or bar. Our doormen will manage queues to
promote social distancing and instrument the mandatory
health screening. Hand sanitizer stations are available at all
entrances and in key areas throughout the hotel. Signage at
the entrances and in the public spaces will communicate the
social distancing protocols of 2m to our guests, visitors &
colleagues. Our lobby seating will be adjusted to conform
with the social distancing rules.
Only occupants of one and the same guest room are
allowed to enter the elevator at a time. Our staff will sanitize
the lift buttons frequently and we will keep hand sanitizer
dispensers on every lift landing. Lifts will be cleaned on a
regular basis.
We provide soap and disposable paper towels as a
standard in all public washrooms. Our staff will disinfect the
entrance doors and doorknobs frequently.


All attendees of a meeting or event will be questioned for
the mandatory health screening. The meeting room capacity
is adjusted to maintain social distancing rules set by the
Israel Ministry of Health. In common areas used for the
meeting or event, hand sanitizer stations are provided. The
desk, work area, equipment used during the meeting or
event will be disinfected directly after each meeting or event.


In order to ensure guests’ and employees’ health and safety,
we have implemented guidelines and instructions around the
hotel. All employees are trained in order to secure a safe and
clean visit for our guests. We do a mandatory health
screening for all incoming employees, which may include a
temperature check. We have adjusted shift start times to
promote social distancing of employees. Hand sanitizers are
provided throughout the staff hallways and working stations.
There is an increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection
in all common areas.


Our housekeeping team will only access the rooms for
cleaning when the guests are not present in the room.
Protective equipment will be worn by all room attendants
and changed after each guest room has been cleaned. Each
room will be cleaned with their own cleaning materials and
not used for other rooms. After the rooms have been
cleaned they will be sealed prior to the guests arrival.
We offer exclusive on-site laundry services, operating with
the most advanced technology according to the hygiene
standards set by Israel's Ministry of Health.

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