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 Winery | Mamilla Hotel


Due to COVID 19 the Winery is Closed

Come taste and enjoy some of Israel’s most exciting and prestigious wines in the Winery, a bespoke wine bar in the heart of Jerusalem. With its fine robust antique wooden counters set amidst a modern 120 bottle wine rack, the Winery is a tribute to the wine-producing history of the land of Israel and a celebration of the country’s status as a producer of outstanding wines. 
A visit to the Winery is a must, with its extensive selection of vintage local wines and wine accessories, along with quality olive oils from Israel's most celebrated producers.

A bottle of wine or olive oil is an unbeatable gift for those who want to enjoy the best of the Holy Land.

Mamilla Hotel's kashrut is under the supervision of the Jerusalem rabbinate

Opening Hours

Sunday through Thursday : 4:30pm-7:30pm
Friday : Closed
Saturday : 12pm-4pm


Address: 11 King Solomon Street, Jerusalem (Access through Mamilla Hotel)
Tel: 972-2-5482230



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