Social Responsibility

As a leading luxury hotel in Jerusalem, the Mamilla Hotel is well aware of the value of social responsibility and the importance of environmental awareness, and has taken specific steps towards the advancement of a healthier society and environment.

Cross-Cultural Work Opportunities
Equal work opportunities emphasize our religious diversity, and is aptly fitting for our hotel's unique position in Jerusalem, centre of the world's three major religions.   We believe that our cross cultural and ethnic workforce promotes peace and harmony at a grassroots level, and we recruit from many varied segments of society. Our philosophy emphasizes our religious diversity.

The cleaning products we use in the hotel are eco-friendly.  In dealing with our laundry we use natural ingredients and reverse osmosis, thus both saving energy and preventing pollution.  The water we recycle is used for irrigation purposes.  Bottles, paper and cartons are recycled.

Energy Saving Measures
Environmental awareness encouraged us to fit modern energy efficient appliances throughout our hotel, including a state of the art air conditioning cooling system which operates on air instead of water. The light and cooling systems in the rooms are deactivated automatically when the bedrooms are unoccupied. 

Reflecting the environment
Jerusalem is a unique city, built by people of different religions and from all walks of life, and this uncommon diversity is manifested beautifully both within the hotel building itself, which is an exquisite fusion of ancient and modern architecture, and in the atmosphere that we take care to cultivate within the hotel - where our employees reflect rich ethnic diversity, and our guests arrive from all over the world.
The Mamilla Hotel stands at a fitting location, just a few hundred meters from Jerusalem's Old City walls and at the entrance of the regenerated Mamilla Avenue, both of which are made up of a mix of new and restored buildings, thus maintaining the historical character and heritage of the area.

Helping those in need
We have various initiatives for giving our support to the local community and donate to the underprivileged through various charities.  This includes giving out scholarships to students, working with an organization that takes care of the welfare of special needs people, whereby we offer the opportunity to work for us on various projects, volunteering at charity events, and giving out food and other essential household items to needy people and organizations.

Local Economy
It is important to us to support our local community and economy, which we do by purchasing locally produced foods and organic products such as soap, and a high percentage of the commodities we use are produced in Israel, for example wine, fruits, vegetables, bathrobes and towels.  We use products produced by mentally challenged people.  We collaborate with local museums, restaurants, and artists to encourage people to have an authentic Jerusalem experience.  This also assists our local economy.

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