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Magnificent location in the heart of Jerusalem Located in the heart of the City, alongside Jerusalem's new shopping and entertainment experience the Alrov Mamilla Avenue, with its magnificent views of the Old City walls, the Tower of David and Jaffa Gate, the Mamilla Hotel is the very heart of Jerusalem's rich cultural heritage and bustling day life and is a leading luxury hotel in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem's finest luxury accommodations designed in collaboration with Alrov Luxury Hotels vision and commitment to excellence and execution, and in partnership with world-renowned architects Moshe Safdie and Piero Lissoni, the Mamilla Hotel incorporates contemporary comforts and distinctive furnishings to create a unique ambience that both stimulates the senses and relaxes your body and soul.

World class facilities featuring exceptional rooms, exclusive restaurant and bar venues and incomparable service, along with a luxurious hotel spa - the best in Jerusalem. From the magnificent views of the Rooftop outdoor lounge & restaurant, through the shimmering ambience of the Mirror Bar, to the immersion of the Akasha- Holistic Wellbeing Center, Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem is ushering in a new era of luxury lifestyle hospitality.

Providing a unique blend of personalized attention, depth of knowledge and impeccable service, Mamilla Hotel's team of professionals are committed to providing an exceptional visitor experience to each and every guest.

Music is the universal language of mankind and Mamilla Hotel takes great pride in presenting a variety of music playing throughout the hotel and its exclusive venues.  Music is one of the best ways to enjoy the present.

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The Mamilla neighborhood, built in the 19th century outside the walls of the Old City and adjacent to the Jaffa Gate, is a natural and vital bridge connecting Jerusalem of old and new and is of great significance to Jerusalem history.

Mamilla dates back in Jerusalem history to the site of a water reservoir built by King Herod during the Second Temple period (1st century BCE), and a Mameluke cemetery from the Crusaders era. The area made its first appearance in modern history in the 19th century when it became one of the earliest commercial districts outside the Old City during the Ottoman Empire.

When the father of Zionism, Theodore Herzl, visited Jerusalem in 1898, he stayed in the Stern House, one of Mamilla's original structures, which has been rebuilt and incorporated into Alrov Mamilla Avenue.

From the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 until the 1967 Six Day War, Mamilla was at the frontline of hostilities between Israel and Jordan. Many of its buildings, including the magnificent Notre Dame de France monastery, were destroyed or badly damaged and a concrete wall bisected the neighborhood, separating the warring sides.

Plans for redevelopment of Mamilla were drawn up after the Six Day War, but little progress was achieved until Alrov joined the development project in 1994.

Mamilla of old is now Alrov Mamilla, an exciting project comprised of three main sections:

Commercial - Alrov Mamilla Avenue, including commercial shopping and entertainment areas, business offices and a parking lot.
Residential - David's Village and Mamilla Residences
Luxury Hotels - The David Citadel Hotel and Mamilla Hotel.

All three sections were developed by Alrov.

The project's location, overlooking the Old City walls, where the old meets the new, reflects a unique experience in its own right. Alrov Mamilla represents a bridge between the past and the future and aspires to open the door to peace, financial prosperity and success for all of its visitors.

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